Lockhart Capital Asia is a niche advisory firm positioned to draw upon the deep experience of its principals which are supplemented by a network of professionals that are called upon to add value. By choice we only work in specific sectors so as to maintain our standards of knowledge, professionalism and ability to deliver the commercial outcome planned for. Our presence in Europe allows us access to capital markets in the region which supplement our access to pools of capital in Asia and Nth America.


Our approach is not constrained but takes account of the needs of the stakeholders, timeframe (typically 4-7 years for a return to eventuate) and the geopolitical and economic influences impacting on a project. We are an Anglo -Australian based firm with a broad Asia Pacific outlook which takes account of the location and the commercial engagement opportunities available in the region.

Global Influences

In developing portfolios, transactional work or researching opportunities we factor into our thinking the potential impact that global influences may have on investment return and to identify the visibility of cashflowand income from an asset. Capital flows are global and shaped by and in reaction to global events. In adopting a global mindset we can better serve our clients.

Dynamic Risk Management

The keystone of our work lies with a dynamic approach to the measurement and management of risk. That is an ongoing disciplined, strategic approach built around rigorous research allied to a considered financial model which supports an investment proposition.